Can we go now?


jürgen augusteyns - can we go now?

Jürgen says: Sustainability, small-scaliness and a minimal financial footprint are three factors that are becoming increasingly important to me when releasing my music. Resolutely opting for a far-reaching DIY approach in response to the ubiquitous throw-away culture and mass production, I am continuously developing my own sound- and visual language.

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home made cassettes with custom zine - made to order

Each cassette is hand-wrapped and comes boxed with a one-off hand-sewn A5 sized zine, printed on STEINBEIS TrendWhite 100% recycled paper.

There is no pre-existing stock, every edition is made to order.


Played, recorded and mastered by Jürgen Augusteyns

"In Berlin vielleicht (for Loren and Jim)" is an adaption of "You can stay if you want, but I'm going home" from the 1999 live album "In Bern" by Loren Connors and Jim o'Rourke.

Additional tape mastering by Roel Goovaerts
Artwork by Jürgen Augusteyns and Ilde Cogen
Cassette duplication by Roel Goovaerts and Victor Van Rossem
Tape: Recording the Masters FOX

 Jürgen Augusteyns

Can we go now?

release: 13 august 2021

// homemade cassette + custom zine

// mp3

A1 Careful with these

A2 Pouring drinks at dawn

B1 In Berlin vielleicht (for Loren and Jim)

B2 Ik zie u graag