thijs troch - stilleven

Thijs says:

The idea for this music started with textural, electronic meditations, where time becomes a blur and there is no need for pushing things to happen. You can zoom in or zoom out of the music at any time. This also relates to my fascination or need for longer (or shorter) periods of concentration. In reality one loses focus because of life happening and I feel this record can be enjoyed in the background as well as in a concentrated listening session.

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thijs troch - stilleven
thijs troch - stilleven

Thijs Troch : synths, (un)prepared piano, harmonium, guitar
Synths recorded at home, september–november 2021
Piano recorded at Studio Ledeberg by Peter Desmedt, december 2021
Mixed by Dries Geusens, january 2022
Mastered by Frédéric Alstadt, july 2022
Artwork by Maxime Melis
Layout by Louis Garrido

thijs troch


release: 13 april 2023

// limited edition vinyl (200)

// mp3

1. Passeren

2. Getie

3. Gebeuren

4. Happen

5. Motif

6. Harmonium

7. Overstuur